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With 20 years experience of developing everything from simple web sites to complex web applications and systems, for organisations of all sizes, I have a wide web development skill set in both the client side, using HTML and JavaScript, and on the server side, using PHP and MySQL, that is available to bring your Web projects to a succesful completion.

I am currently available for part time remote working on your LAMP based projects to help you identify, develop and meet the web application needs of your business. I offer the following services:-

Consulting and Mentoring for PHP and LAMP based projects

In 20 years of working in web development I have undertaken a variety of role, I was the co-founder of a digital services company providing web design and other digital services to businesses both local and international. I was co-founder of an e-commerce start up that specialised in providing a white label e-commerce platform integrated with a variety of drop shipping providers for products and stock. I have worked as a part of the development team for a wholesale Internet Service Provider that was twice listed in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100, I have worked with an internet of Things Start up writing software to collate and display data collected from internet connected sensors monitoring electricity, gas and water consumption. I currently head up the planning, provision and deployment of Cloud services for a leading UK EPOS software supplier.

With my broad experience across many sectors I can work with your business to help identify your needs, offer advice on how to best meet these needs and help you plan a development strategy to turn your ideas from a concept into a business reality.

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Quality Assurance and Debugging of PHP code and applications

Do you have code that isn't working as you expected or even worse not working at all? As a seasoned developer I've probably spent a fair amount of time tracking down errors in code and logic. Some times all it you need is another developer to walk through code or just to offer a fresh set of eyes. I can be that developer.

Assuring Quality is important to keeping your users happy. Ensuring your web application works the way you intended your users to use it is important but ensuring that it works when they use it in ways you didn't intend is even more important! I can independently help you test for both cases and offer you constuctive criticism on how it could be made better.

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Web Service Integration

Many business in this connected age allow or even require you to communicate with some decription of Web Service in order to make use of the services they offer. This may involve extracting data from an existing system and building a process, often automated, to repackage this data for forwarding to the web service end point and reacting to the responses sent back. Other services provide additional functionality to enhance your site such as mapping, graphing and location verification.

I have many years experience of building and maintaining client software for communicating via SOAP, REST, JSON-RPC and XML-RPC. I have also been heavily involved in the creation and maintainence of XML, REST and JSON web service servers to provide Web service endpoints that 3rd parties were able to communicate with to send or retrieve data.

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General Coding

If you need a new feature for your web site or something in the backend to process information from your users then I also undertake ad-hoc coding work. From adding a dynamic feature to your website to Command line Scripts to automate regular server tasks with everything inbetween I can write the code to bring your ideas to reality.

On the client side I have experience of producing responsive HTML 5 Web pages and applications that are mobile friendly but also ready for the next generation of hig definition big screen web connected TV's and Games consoles.

Open Source provides a huge variety of community written web software packages that meet the needs of many businesses online. I have on many occasions provided installation and customisation for a varied selection of such programs to meet the individual needs of the business.

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