Welcome to the official website of the Wightriders MCC

Home of the GallyBagger

In the mid 1980's a group of Isle of Wight bikers united by a love of motorcycles came together at a beach side café in Gurnard and so the WightRider MCC came into being.

Through regular Sunday runs and club nights at both the Princess café and local pubs and events the club soon attracted more members of all ages, ability and gender who banded together to attend rallies and shows, host party's and BBQ's and to share their love of all aspects of biking the same things, that nearly 30 years later, club members  still enjoy.

In 1989 the Wightriders staged the first Gurt Gallybagger Rally at Atherfield Campsite on the Military Road. An instant hit this popular rally was to go on for 24 years attracting riders from all corners of the UK who would travel to the Island to enjoy a long bank holiday weekend of great riding and great entertainment in a great location. Will the 25th Rally be staged? Watch this space!



Meeting and socialising lie at the heart of the Wightriders.

We meet officially on the first Friday of each month at the Castle Inn , High Street, Newport to conduct any  club business and make plans for the rest of the months social meetings.

On any other Friday night Wightriders will meet up for a few jars and a jaw at either the Castle Inn or at another pub on the island if a good band is playing.

We're a friendly bunch who always welcome anyone who wishes to meet up with us be it for rides or to party.



The Joy of riding bikes is what binds us together and as a club we try to meet up regularly for rides out . All riders of any age on any bike are welcome to join us for a run

Members will from time to time also organise  special runs over to the mainland to visit venues and attractions.

As a club we make an effort to support the rides and runs organised by others on the island and join in with larger runs such as the Easter Egg run, Mods n Rockers and the Absent Friends Ride

Rallies & Shows


Attending Motorcycle rallies and shows as a club has been a part of being a Wightrider since the earliest days of the club.

Members meet up to attend a variety of shows and rallies both nationally and local.